Collection Services

financial-services-collection-servicesOver the past 40 years GRANT & WEBER has developed the most effective practices for handling accounts that have been written off your books with proven recovery results. We employ experienced collection professionals who are continuously trained and educated on the changes in law and strategy. GRANT & WEBER has created a proprietary collectability scoring model, which is used in conjunction with trigger analysis notifications from the largest credit bureau partners. These state of the art procedures and experienced collection staff maximize our recovery percentage and increase your bottom-line.

  • The legal collection process is the next step in our comprehensive collection strategy and vital to accomplish the highest recoveries on your assigned charged off accounts. GRANT & WEBER can pursue legal action by utilizing either its In-House Counsel or through its nationwide network of experienced credit union collection focused attorneys.

    GRANT & WEBER and its attorney partners will exercise all of the legal options available to liquidate a judgement. These remedies include, where permitted under state law, recording an abstract on real property, garnishing wages and levying bank accounts to increase your recoveries. GRANT & WEBER will always front all court cost and fees, so there is zero financial risk to the financial institution.

  • Our team of professionals are trained to use a “soft touch” approach to maximize recovery and minimize complaints. This method has delivered proven results and will ensure that account holders are always treated with courtesy and respect.

  • The Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite is a phenomenal tool to automate your transfer of accounts and provides complete transparency as to what your collection agency partner is doing.

    Financial Institutions have the flexibility to create customized work queue’s that segment a specific population of accounts to be outsourced to GRANT & WEBER within the Lifecycle Management Suite. This process is nearly identical to how one would create an internal work queue, and is user friendly. Accounts that meet all the required criteria for GRANT & WEBER will be automatically flagged and exported to GRANT & WEBER’s SFTP site at a pre-set time after normal business hours. GRANT & WEBER’s “Connector” then takes all of that data and directly inputs all account information, payments, comments and related account notes directly into our collection management system, DAKCS.

  • GRANT & WEBER has created a simple efficient method for referring accounts. We provide a standard file layout, in Excel format, to your institution which has twenty six unique fields in it. The information requested is all standard demographic and account related information, and can be directly exported from your core system. Concurrently, GRANT & WEBER will set up an SFTP, so once the file has been generated, you can easily upload the file securely. GRANT & WEBER will then grab the file and import it directly into its collection management system.