Every year a significant amount of money that is legally and rightfully due to a provider, “fall through the cracks”. Through a series of investigative procedures, our associates identify accounts for which there is a responsible third party. By utilizing our multi-pronged approach to collections, our clients have been able to recoup millions of dollars that would have otherwise been uncollected. Our in-house counsel has been directly involved with the formulation and implementation of the rules, regulations, and laws affecting Third Party Liability responsibilities and recoveries in the State of California. Our years of experience in this industry afford us the expertise to determine Best Business Practices relating to TPL recoveries.

  • Our system filters and scrubs your claims based on a designated set of medical codes, all ICD-10 diagnosis codes including any expanded codes that are in place. All claims that are matched and have met or exceed the client-specified dollar threshold automatically initiate an inquiry for further investigation. Identified TPL cases are prepared for a series of specific follow-up protocols and additional attention is given to those that have government payors in the mix. In many cases, legal documents are obtained to further confirm the potential TPL recovery. The client is continually updated on the status of the accounts that have been assigned.

  • Our in-house legal counsel negotiates the entire settlement process. From handling reduction requests to coordinating challenging scenarios which often emerge from an assertive opposing attorney or insurance carrier.

    Our readily available in-house legal counsels in the event should any additional legal resources be required to close a TPL case.

  • Our case managers work closely with the clients, offering a focused systematic approach to managing all communications. Liens are generated if and when applicable and then are provided to the responsible third party. Liens are monitored and updated until a settlement is achieved. Personal contact is made with all party insurance carriers to gather information and provide updates on claim balances, as well as to ensure your subrogation rights are in place.

  • We recognize the need for prompt recovery and accurate reporting. You will receive report updates on a regular basis which may be useful for internal financial and operational reporting. Upon successful closure, we provide detailed documentation which outlines all recovered claims and applicable fees as they apply.





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