GRANT & WEBER recognized long ago the benefits of specializing in the accounts receivable recovery process and the essentials needed for standard self-pay collections. Through years of experience, GRANT & WEBER has developed certain fundamental practices when handling self-pay collections with continued proven success. The wealth of experience and qualification we hold at GRANT & WEBER ensures that we have the resident expertise to provide an outstanding service to our clients at a productive rate of return while always remaining in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations affecting the professional collection industry.

  • We utilize the most current tools for our skip-tracing and credit reporting functions. Identity numbers, property searches, voter registrations records and through telephone phone directories are among the many sources we may have to identify and locate difficult to reach and evading debtors. Our goal is to exhaust all legal means to quickly identify the correct guarantors and immediately request payment for services rendered.

  • Public information tools are great to locate and work with our patients to pay outstanding balances. In the event that our clients have directed us to take additional steps in the repayment process, we have the capability to pursue more formal legal channels collect outstanding balances. Our In-House Legal counsel and team are fully prepared to act on your behalf for litigation matters.

  • Our entire staff is composed of experiences from provider and vendor roles and is qualified to deliver quality service with a dignified approach. The business of collecting on difficult accounts is made easy with our Company’s mission to resolve each account with a one call resolution approach. Only the best in the business are capable of handling each account with dignity and respect to their patients and themselves.

  • Your business is secured with us and we are licensed to work in States across the United States. As a business partner, you can be sure that we will work within all local, state and federal rules and regulations as outlined and updated.




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