Pre-Charge Off Account Management

The GRANT & WEBER connector is designed to allow financial institutions to take advantage of Pre-Charge Off Account Management services directly in the Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite. We employ talented first party loss prevention representatives who maximize our technology and resources to manage delinquent accounts.

  • As delinquency volume fluctuates, we are there to help! Employ us to assist during times of high volume, after hours or add work effort on a portfolio; reducing the need to hire additional internal part or full-time employees. This fluctuating staffing opportunity creates a solution that will save on costly human resource expenses.

    Upon receiving accounts, our team of loss prevention representatives begins making outbound phone calls. Providing inbound customer services all while posting comments, taking promises, scheduling next contact dates, updating demographic information, and, most importantly, collecting past due balances on your behalf. Our program is designed to mirror your internal policies and procedures, creating a seamless member experience.

  • We believe that effective recovery involves more than just collecting money; it requires communication, education, technology, training, reporting and project management. Our agents are trained in each of these areas and focus on minimizing charge off by curing delinquency early in the account cycle. Our agents are highly skilled negotiators that take an empathetic approach to the members current situation. These agents are able to cultivate a relationship with your member that is predicated on trust and respectful communication which results in repayment to your organization before other, more confrontational, creditors.

  • Financial Institutions have the ability to create customized work queue’s that segment a specific population of accounts to be outsourced to GRANT & WEBER within the Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite. This process is nearly identical to how one would create an internal work queue. Additionally, a financial institution has the flexibility to refer specific parts of their portfolio, if they choose(e.g. Auto Loans 15-45 days DQ). GRANT & WEBER will update all accounts directly in the Lifecycle Management Suite, so all of the previous days activity will be available for review, the following day.

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  • Our Implementation team has a comprehensive list of questions and data requirements so we can better represent your institution. From knowing your mission statement, to the number of branches you have, the key contacts in your organization, and everything in between, no stone goes unturned so that GRANT & WEBER fully understands what it would be like to be an employee of your institution. Our Pre-Charge Off Account Management services are customized to mirror the existing policies and procedures allowing for a true integrated business office environment, and a seamless experience for your member.