Here to Help- A Message from GRANT & WEBER

Friends and Colleagues, we are at a critical point. The question is, how will we support each other and how quickly can we pivot to respond to this pandemic? For the past 40 years, we have been in the business of revenue recovery in healthcare. We have an established call center that is focused on patient and insurance recovery, along with Worker’s Compensation and Third Party Liability revenue. But we are so much more.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed how our workforce is structured, The virus and its effects have exposed blind spots in everyone’s efforts to deliver the finest patient experience. If you are facing challenges to keep up with revenue or customer service levels because of the redeployment of employee associates in response to COVID-19, GRANT & WEBER is here to help.

We’ve mobilized our talented team to address this Coronavirus emergency. We are here to assist any organization that requires supplemental help to address this crisis by filling in productivity gaps, regardless of the industry, and helping keep your businesses moving forward. At our core, we are a call center with a specialization in healthcare, but which is diversified and flexible enough to allow for generalization of focus.

Regardless of whether your organization is a health system, medical group, credit union, payor, financial services call center or provider services vendor, all are welcomed. We are here to do our part to keep your revenues consistent, ensuring that your organization’s efforts remain ready to do their part in fighting all aspects of this COVID-19 crisis.

Please visit us at our website or contact to discuss your needs assessment and our potential ready solutions.

Stay Safe and Follow the Guidelines.