Don’t Short Change Your Revenue Cycle

Trying to get a claim paid for the service you provided, over and over again means there is an issue that is standing in your way. It’s a path with variables, on a road trip a flat-tire can slow your forward progress. Our industry must press forward with a cleaner path towards the recovery of payments. This means investing in technology resources beyond what you believe is the maximum.

Providers will always send out a bill. Payors or patients will invariably interrupt this “cycle”. Then the unstoppable force meets the unmovable object. We should always approach how we get paid like you do your laundry. You purchase different laundry detergents or use different water temperatures but ultimately, you want your clothes clean. Variation will occur and our reaction to it will either succeed or fail.

Technology needs to be applied and we have to ensure there is a clear support for it. I have been speaking with various colleagues across the country about this never ending challenge. There are countless solutions and platforms that integrate with large system applications such as Epic, Cerner Systems, Meditech, Allsripts, GE Healthcare, etc. All are unique and have plenty of internal and external developers that orbit them to enhance the system’s platform. Dashboards for monitoring staff performance, organizational performance drive improvement in the ENTIRE revenue cycle (yes you too EHR).

Time and again, I hear colleagues say, “well I’ve seen the capabilities, but we just don’t have the money to buy it and it’s hard to prove the ROI”. I have seen many of these sensational new applications and yes, much of what could be invested should be invested. Management of some tasks are trivial, easy to monitor, spot trouble areas at a moments notice and create solutions. As an industry, we have to lean into our trusted revenue cycle professionals and the technology that we have and move on the more complex issues ahead of us in the revenue recovery industry.

We need those golden AAA ratings for finances and online reviews to keep those doors open. Help those help you achieve those goals.