Risks of Over Supplementing

With documentaries like “What the Health?” and “Super Size Me” gaining popularity on Netflix, we are being forced to face the realities of what we have done to our health and bodies. Our poor eating habits are exposed with no excuses to hide behind. Deep down, below that pint of ice cream we ate while watching the documentary, we want to be healthy and feel good in our own skin. We know this is true because the local gym is packed from January 2nd to about February 2nd, the desire is there, but the determination is hard to keep up day after day. So rather than stick with our daily workouts and healthy eating regimen, we run to the nearest Lindberg Nutrition and stock up on all of the vitamins that will keep our body running in tip top shape. There’s no risk in adding a few extra vitamins into our morning routine, after all vitamins are good for you! Well, not necessarily. By taking too much of what your body doesn’t need, you can be putting your health at high risk.

Below are a few examples of potential risks when you take these supplements in high doses unnecessarily.

  • Iron can increase risk of cancer and heart disease
  • Vitamin A can cause hair loss, confusion, liver damage and bone loss
  • Vitamin E can interfere with the body’s ability to clot blood
  • Vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage

Before you panic, here are some easy fixes to your over supplementing ways:

  1. You should always consult your doctor before starting a supplement regimen. They can properly test for deficiencies and leave you feeling confident that you are helping your body rather than harming it.
  2. Dig deep and find the desire that motivated you to hit the gym at the beginning of the year. Use that fire and determination to make your health a priority. The absolute best way to avoid over supplementing is to obtain all of your daily nutrients through a well-balanced diet. This will not be easy, but it will be worth it! There are a few tips to make this new goal more achievable.
  3. Shop around the perimeter of your grocery store. Avoid all of the over processed junk in the middle and spend more time in the produce section.
  4. Meal prep weekly, every other day, every other week, whatever works for you! Don’t think of meal prepping as a chore, but rather a fun activity that will set you up for success on those nights that you just want to run through a drive thru.
  5. Buddy up! Make this healthy lifestyle a family affair, or find a coworker to jump on the bandwagon with you. It is always easier to have an accountability partner, as well as a cheerleader who is going through the same struggles and triumphs as you.