Combining skill and well-being to make a splash!

I was reading a recent article published in the L.A. Times “How I Made It” by Dino Sarti. The article sheds life on the journey Mr. Sarti took to launching his own brand of beverages called “Aloe Gloe”. It is an inspiring story for all of us who have innovative ideas, identified a product or service that doesn’t exist and with a little energy, create a brand of products that are now sold nationwide.

As our national economy and business environment evolves, the idea of a niche product or service concept seems all too fleeting. But in case after case, we find examples like Aloe Gloe having it’s own voice in the large distributions channels we find today. Retail chains still look to promote off brand consumer products as a way to continue accessing other product staples within their established base. This is, after all, the reason we continue patronizing our neighborhood grocery stores but now that has even changed with on-line grocery shopping. I went to school at the University of Texas-Austin, where I remember on Lamar Street there was a small store called Whole Foods. Not so small anymore.

Somewhere in the late 70’s, a few local farmers came together to sell their local provisions. They were small business men and women who were delivering quality products to those who wanted farm to table products of all kinds. Years later Whole Foods of yesteryear would be in the global market and now part of an even larger distribution network. In Mr. Sarti’s case, his product is bound to reach audiences who will benefit him and grow his dream.

As a huge benefit to this, his label has created opportunities with rippling affects. Good news for those who have found themselves on the cutting room floor from mergers and acquisitions or from declining demand of certain products or services. Our business landscape will continue to evolve in such a way that our labor force will have to shift the focus to meet consumer needs. Education for those in industries like local and national retail stores, energy companies, will have to address the new and developing products and services.

I am happy to see that in this day an age, the small concept does have a voice and has the ability to reach into our households. This type of innovative thinking propels us all to keep moving forward. In Mr. Sarti’s case, he combined his knowledge of brand sales and merchandising along with a lifestyle change that enable him to create a well received product.